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Austin Van Scoy,
Dutchman Tree Services

"Project Warp Speed allows me to sell tree work with more credibly. It relieves my insecurities when I give my prices. It helps me justify my pricing to my customers!"

Kyle Armijo,
Top Notch Tree Services

"It would seriously take over $2,000 to reproduce what Red Beard has in his system. I hired a lawyer to have my contracts done. I wish I had found this months earlier."

Dan Vosberg,
Owner, WLR Outdoor Services

"Tree work is expensive and a lot of liability so having a solid sales system definitely gives my customers more confidence in me. It’s a more professional approach that not only protects my business but it protects my customers as well. I’ve searched and searched for a sales system before I came across this one. It’s very user friendly and can be edited to be specific for your company. For the price you can’t go wrong!"

Cody Thornberry,
Laceys Springs, Alabama

"I really believe this system could elevate any company, from the low end just starting out company to even a larger well maintained company like Davey or Asplundh. It has an impeccable guideline and everything is laid out for the customer and company. Very worth the value requested."

Jason Roland,
White Pines, California

"I've always done my customers right. But it only takes one "handshake deal" to go sour and you'll wish you'll have hit up Red Beard. 

I'll never do a job without a contract again! Besides, it's the law in my state."

Austin Fiedler,
Owner and Lead Arborist

Lemur Tree Care

"If you want to make a statement to your potential client that you're not just another guy with a pickup and a chainsaw, let them know you can't schedule their job without a signed contract. Every job we sell from $250 to $25k has a signed contract, without it you have no set expectations. Without a proven sales system, you're basically gambling with your livelihood. With Red Beard's Project Warp Speed your small investment will turn a healthy profit month after month, which is very rare in any field!"


There's no better feeling than showing up to a good paying tree job with coffee in the thermos and a few fresh chains knowing that you're gonna put all the lumber on the ground, you're gonna get paid well, and that the customer is going to be stoked about your work. 

But there's no worse feeling than scrounging for jobs, low bidding the competition and struggling to get paid when the job is over.

And feeling exhausted and burnt out on your days off. 

I know because I've seen both sides of this coin.

I've busted my ass beyond muscle failure for peanuts and I've made a weeks pay by Monday at Lunch. 

I'd rather make a weeks pay by Monday at Lunch. 

Then just get right back at it on Tuesday. 

Sure takes the pressure off the rest of the week. 

And now I'm able to do so as my schedule allows. 

Because I'm a busy man and I don't always have time to be serving customers, I can turn my flow of leads on and off like a faucet. 

And I always have a back log of work

Sometimes I work three days a week. 

Sometimes I work eight

But I never worry about my next job.

The key to my success was having a clear contract with industry specific terms and conditions in order to instill confidence in my customers and help get me into their checkbooks easier than tipping a leaner right down the line. 

The other thing that really brought my business up was having a sales prop to use to give my customers a clear cut action to take in order to say yes

Sometimes, if a customer doesn't know exactly how to say yes, they'll just say something like "I'll get back to you" or "Let me get a few more bids". 

That's frustrating because you know that guy is never calling you back.

But if you have a clear cut description of the scope of work, clear and concise terms and conditions and you carry a copy of your insurance with you while doing bids, I promise you're going to close more sales. 

Having Contracts in your tree service business is going to help you close more deals but what about making better margins? Well, that's where The Margin Multiplier comes in.  Plug in all your expenses and liabilities and The Margin Multiplier will give you exact tree pricing data.  This way, you'll never have another losing job again. 

This Tree Service Sales System will help you do just that, close more sales and at higher margins

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